Friday, 29 January 2010

Dr. Terrors House of Horrors

Hi Everybody. My good friend Searsha and I have a brand new website called Dr Terror's House of Horrors. Please don't be put off by the title however. Although primarily it is a site for writers and lovers of all things macabre, we are actually looking for WRITERS IN ALL GENRES to become members.

We want to build a new and vibrant website as a sister site to Vamplit Writers and we want your help in building it. So, come and join us and mould the kind of site that suits YOU AND ALL YOUR NEEDS. You can find us at Come along, build the site and have some fun along the way.
Randall Stone

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fabulous E-Books

Hi Everyone, I'd like to take this oportunity to tell you about Four Fantastic E-Novels, all available for you to read now.
The First is by a fantastically talented author by the name of Nicol Hadaway and is entitled "RELEASE" Set against the backdrop of World War II and amidst the ranks of the Polish Resistence, it is a tale of intrigue and horror.
"Forever" is the answer that Ben Gongliewski recieves when he asks Miranda Dandridge how long she has been a vampyre. Ben had never considered the notion of ever meeting one of the undead, let alone ghosts, werewolves and demons but he soon comes to realise that Miranda and her friends, together with their unique abilities, could greatly enhance the chances of success in his missions as he seeks to rescue Jewsish children from the evil hands of the Waffen SS in their Death Camps.

The last thing that Miranda needs now is a human lover but as she embarks on her daring missions with Ben, she finds emotions that she long thought dead and forgotten beginning to resurface, throwing her heart into turmoil. As the end of the war draws to a close, Ben is blindsided by a betrayal that neither of them sees coming. This is a must for all fans of the vampyre, filled with accurate historical detail and packed with action, horror, intrigue and passion. Absolutely Fabulous. Published in E-Format by EBook Undead the novel is readily available and can also be found through the following links. and A truly awesome read.

The next novel is by another dear friend and fantastic author, Wendy J Howard. "The Courier" was co-winner of the Textnovel Online Fiction Contest in 2009 and concerns the exploits of a young out of work software engineer called Barry. While following a red van one day, he sees, as it turns, an advertisement on the side, "Drivers Wanted" followed by a contact number. Figuring he has little to lose, he dials the number and is put through to OTG Courier Services. His first week or so in the new job goes well and problem free, until that is, he begins to get curious about the cargo he is carrying. Barry quickly comes to realise that he is in the midst of the timeless war between Good and Evil.

Filled with action, horror and dark humour, this novel is a must for all fans of the occult and paranormal. It can be found through the following links. and

The Third Novel comes from a dear friend and fantastically talented young man, Anson Brehmer. "The tale Of The Exile" is a story set in darkness and concerns a young, petty thief and criminal by the name of Gaven Morren. Finally brought to trial in the Justice Halls of the mythical city, Miir, Gaven stands accused of murder for the simple action of extinguishing a candle. Through a loop hole in the law however, Gaven opts to go "Exile" as opposed to imprisonment and thinks he has it made. Stripped of his armour and weapons, he simply has to fend for himself within the city for seven days. Easy.

Gaven cannot believe his luck and lans to take the city for all its worth before absconding forever. With his unique skills it should be a breeze. However, as darkness begins to fall on the first day, his thoughts turn to the stories he heard while in custody. Stories of the mysterious "Shadows" as well as ghosts, monsters and demons. But after all, they are just stories. . .aren't they?
For all you fans of Clive Barker and David Cronnenberg this guy is for you. If you like plenty of black humour, tension and horror then miss out on this novel at your peril. Highly recommended. It can be found on the following sites. and

My fourth choice comes from another very dear and close friend, Karelleyn Brae Wade. A truly talented author, her historic tale of the vampyre is set in the wild, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands within the walls of the ancient fortress, Skara Brae. For those of you who like the dark, gothic touch, this novel has the lot. Beautifully told in language of the time period in which it is set, Karelleyn weaves a tale of magic and mystery, love and passion, horror and betrayal. "Prelude To A Dark Legacy" leaves the reader spellbound and breathless and crying out for more. A truly haunting tale. It is listed at Amazon Books Listamania #15 and can be found via the following site. A truly magnificent read.